How to join

We always welcome new members!

We run beginner courses for those new to the sport or those who are returning. More experienced paddlers (e.g. touring kayakers, white water kayakers), who are used to kayaks other than racing kayaks, are welcome to join our regular training sessions. Check our training schedule for times. Let us know that you are intending to come so that we can be there to greet you and show you the club.  Just contact us and to find out more.

At Ealing Canoe Club we use racing kayaks. Don’t worry that doesn’t mean you have to go racing! What it does mean is that the kayaks we use for our regular sessions can be a little bit tricky for beginners who are not already familiar with kayaking. For beginners therefore we put you in nice stable kayaks so that you can get the skills that you need to handle the racing boats.

Our beginner’s courses run on a ‘Come whenever, pay as you go basis’.  This means that there is no set start date, you can just come along to whichever date suits you best. You then book the sessions that you can make.  You must book these sessions in advance. Please see our page on beginner courses  for more information. We are not currently offering One Star courses, but our beginners courses do cover much of the One Star syllabus.

The minimum age for membership is normally 8 years.  Initially, parents/carers of under 12s of beginner children should remain on site while their children are on the water. Once children under 12 are confident on the water, you can leave them on site with us (or stay if you prefer).  All we ask is that all participants are confident in the water and prepared to join in with Club activities.

As a member you can use the club’s equipment (boats, paddles and safety vest etc.) as well as the gym equipment. Our club house is fitted with changing rooms, showers, toilet and a kitchen for members to use after and before training.

See you on the water!

Membership Fees

Annual membership is available at the following rates:
Adult – £120
Under 18 or in full time education- £90
See the documents section for detailed information.

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