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Racing Calendar

Here is our 2017 calendar!  We will go to most of these races but there maybe a few that we don’t attend, so it is always best to check before we go.  On race days we typically meet early at the club.  Those without cars can usually squeeze into someone else’s but it is a good idea to ask before the day.  Remember racing is fun, and a good opportunity to paddle somewhere else.  It doesn’t matter if you are not very fast!

Event Date
RTA Mid Winter Profiling Saturday 7th of March
Cheshunt Sunday 15th of January
Chelmsford Sunday 29th January
Leaside Sunday 12th of February
Waterside A Sunday 19th of February
Thameside 1 Sunday 26th of February
Waterside B Sunday 5th of March
Thameside 2 Sunday 12th March
Waterside C Sunday 19th of March
Waterside D Sunday 2nd April
Nottingham Sprints Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of April
Devizes to Westminster Friday 14th to Monday the 17th of April
Wey Sunday 23rd of April
Basingstoke Hasler Sunday 17th of May
Maidstone Hasler Sunday 28th of May
Royal Hasler Sunday 11th June
Leighton Buzzard Hasler Sunday 18th June
Bath to Bradford Saturday 24th June
Nottingham National Sprint Regata Saturday 1st July to Sunday 2nd July
Royal Regatta Saturday 8th July
London Sprints Sunday 26th June
Nottingham Sprint Regatta Saturday 2nd July to Sunday 3rd July
Royal Sprint Regatta Saturday 8th July
Bishop Storford Hasler Sunday 9th July
London Sprints Sunday 16th July
National Championship – Reading Saturday 23rd to Sunday 22nd July
Tonbridge Sunday 20th August
Longridge Saturday 26th August
National Sprints Saturday 2nd to Sunday 3rd September
Wye Descent Saturday 20th August
K1 Assessment Race Sunday 21st August
Tonbridge Hasler Sunday 21st August
Longridge Hasler Saturday 27th August
Nottingham Sprint Regatta Saturday 3rd to Sunday 4th September
Pangbourne Hasler Sunday 10th September
Henley Marathon Sunday 17th September
Hasler Finals Sunday 24th September
Elmbridge Hasler Sunday 8th October
Windsor Hasler Sunday th October
Banbury Hasler Sunday 29th October

All Taster Sessions and Beginner course dates are provisional. Please contact the club if you would like more information.

Marathon & Hasler Races can be found on the Marathon Racing Committees website: