Devizes to Westminster – Day Two

It’s the end of the second day of DW 2014, which means that our crews have now paddled 70 miles of the 125 mile course and are over halfway through the race. After a good night’s sleep and – for one junior – five helpings of instant mashed potato, our paddlers were well-rested and raring to go this morning.

Duncan and Lauren were the first to get out on to the water, followed by Stephen and Attila. Csaba left later in the day due to his excellent time on day one.

Just like yesterday, day two was filled with drama, jelly babies, and support crews running between portages like headless chickens. Stephen and Attila had more rudder trouble when the cable snapped as they were coming in to the portage at Aldermaston. Thanks to the generosity of various support crews, they were able to tape up the rudder and zig-zag their way up the canal until Dan met them with a repair kit.

Csaba soldiered on with his wrist injury and managed to gain two places during the day. He was certainly easy to spot on the river, with his fluorescent yellow jacket!

Csaba coming over the finish line

Csaba coming over the finish line

Lauren and Duncan seemed to have a good race and have been enjoying their massages at the end of the day!

Today’s times:

Stephen and Attila – 13 hrs 17 mins 37 secs

Csaba – 11 hrs 38 mins 6 secs

Lauren and Duncan – 13 hrs 32 mins 7 secs

Csaba is now in 11th place in the senior singles class so will be racing as one of the fastest fifteen again tomorrow.